CRL International

CRL Serves the World
With our world changing so rapidly, CRL sees the need and opportunity to be a worldwide supplier of glazing supplies. We have long been a worldwide buyer; now we are in a position to sell to the world as well.

Our international customers are very important to us. To welcome worldwide customers, we have several convenient ways to do business with CRL: telephone, fax, mail, or e-mail. Your personal visit for direct negotiation is always welcome.

Please contact us in whatever fashion is convenient, as shown here. We welcome your business and wish to make buying from CRL a trouble-free and satisfying experience.

International Orders
C.R. Laurence is a wholesale distributor. Possession of our catalogs or any other CRL sales literature does not constitute an offer to sell. Orders from individuals may not be accepted (except professional tradesmen).

Local Agents
We understand the nature of international shipments, currency fluctuations, time and language distance. For these reasons you may prefer doing business locally, and we would like to be able to refer you to a regional or national distributor of CRL products in your country.

CRL has sales agents in many countries who work closely with our International Export Department in Los Angeles. These agents are experienced in the proper handling of orders, inquiries and quotations.

To learn the name of your local contact, or if your firm would like to become a national or regional warehouse distributor of CRL products, contact our International Export Department.

Payment Terms
Our preferred method of payment for all international orders is by wire transfer.

Shipment Terms
Whenever possible, UPS International Shipping is our preferred small package delivery service. Rates and service vary by destination. If you prefer another carrier, tell us. Larger export shipments are normally via ocean freight, air cargo, air or regular parcel post. Since ocean freight requires special packaging, charges for this service will be added.

Communicating with CRL is easy. Our staff speaks many languages and dialects. Although contract and other formal written communication takes place in English, in all likelihood we will be able to communicate in your language.

Catalog Policy
Please click here to read our complete Catalog Policy.

Customers in Mexico
Our neighbors south of the border have always been special to us. Now, with changing trade conditions across common borders, we expect strong growth in business opportunities with our customers in Mexico.

Becoming a Local Agent
To promote this, CRL constantly strives to develop new policies appropriate to changing conditions. We have sales agents and distributors and are actively seeking additional distributors there. For more information, please contact our International Export Department.

All Mexico bound orders will be shipped via UPS International from the CRL warehouse closest to the destination unless you specifically request otherwise. If the order must ship common carrier, you may specify the carrier.

CRL product information is available in a variety of languages. Customers can specify shipping documents in Spanish, French, or German.