Custom Order Service

CRL Is Your Source
We offer more than just the products shown in our catalogs. CRL is your source for goods and services from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. The experience gained by decades of service affords us the ability to serve you in more ways than you might realize.

Bulk Quantities
Fabricators using large quantities of specific items may be able to reduce their costs by buying in bulk. We will provide you with attractive bulk packed pricing on most any product we carry. Contact CRL Customer Service with your needs for a bulk price quote.

Custom Packaging
For years many of our customers have made good profits selling our professional glass cleaner with their custom printed labels. Private labeling is available on many CRL products, and we can design distinctive packaging to make your products more attractive to retail customers. Our Advertising Division will work with you to design that special "look" that will create an image for your business.

Non Stock Merchandise
We deal with hundreds of vendors in the U.S. and all over the world. That gives you access to not only our inventory, but theirs as well. One of our most popular product lines is known as "VM" or "Vendor Miscellaneous." "VM" products are those we don't normally stock, but can be obtained from our sources, some on a direct ship basis from their factory to you. If you're looking for something special, or are having trouble finding the right part to fix a tool or power equipment, contact our Customer Service Department. Chances are we can find what you are looking for.

Price Quotes
Bidding a job means knowing your costs for every item involved. We can provide you with immediate price quotes on all stock catalog products. Specially fabricated or "VM" merchandise takes a few hours, but you will get a complete, firm price you can use to calculate your costs when you bid. We have a computerized Quotation Request Program to keep your quoted items on file. This allows us to convert them immediately to an order as soon as you give us the 'go-ahead' to ship. All we need is your o.k. We want to be your source for the products you use most, and our Quotation Request Program helps us do that by providing you fair pricing fast.

CRL Manufacturing Works With You
The CRL Manufacturing Division has capabilities far more diverse than any other supplier in the glass industry. We work with you to provide good quality, and fairly priced products that you can have confidence in.

Special Fabrication
We make hundreds of products in our Los Angeles, California manufacturing plant. This capacity allows us to design and fabricate a variety of specialty items in these categories: automotive, truck, van and RV windows; Bel-Air door windows; security transaction serving windows and devices; glazing and auto glass hand tools; glass fabricating and handling tools; and specialty tools. Perhaps you have an idea for a product or tool, but don't have the capacity to build it. CRL Manufacturing will work in partnership with you in an arrangement that will be profitable to both of us. Click here to submit your idea.

Quick Fab Program
CRL's Quick-Fab Program offers you a quick turnaround for specially fabricated CRL-made products such as: service and transaction windows; mirror frames; pass through windows; showcases; partition posts and more. When speed is as important as price, CRL's Quick-Fab Program just may be the answer to your needs. Contact CRL Customer Service for details.

Just ln Time Delivery
CRL is an expert in meeting the demands of JIT (Just In Time) Manufacturers. We can set up reasonable inventory demand levels to keep you supplied with the products you need, when you need them. We work to eliminate both overstock and back orders, and will guarantee to ship specified quantities on a given date. JIT programs are based upon substantial quantities, and we will offer protected contract pricing based on established volumes. Contact CRL Customer Service for details.

Direct Shipments
Sometimes the best way to keep your supply levels up to date, or to reduce shipping costs, is to ship direct from the factory to the customer. We can sometimes arrange direct shipments of goods to all points nationwide, and to most of the world. We work with only the most reliable and cost efficient carriers to assure fair and reasonable transportation costs.