Customer Service

Customer Service/Order Desk or the Web Site will be happy to help you with any of the following:
1. Checking on Orders and Backorders
2. Merchandise Out Of Stock
3. Advising Shipping Dates
4. Cancelling Orders
5. Shortages
6. No Fault Product Return Policy and Guidelines
7. Special Order or Fabricated Merchandise
8. Return Policy for Tools
9. Return Policy for Glass

If you require any of the above services, feel free to contact CRL Customer Service. When you request any of these services, please have the following information available, as it will be required to process your request:
1. Account number (10 digit number above your company name )
2. Company name, city and state
3. Area code and telephone number
4. Your name (person calling or contact)
5. P.O. number (if used)
6. Sales Order or Invoice Number (if available for back orders)
7. Shipping date (if shipped) or approximate order date
8. Products that you are looking for

Checking on Orders or Back Orders
Contact CRL Customer Service if you have not yet received an order that you have placed. If you have an outstanding back order, first check the invoice to be sure it was not cancelled. Give us the information as outlined above. We will get your answer as quickly as possible.

Merchandise Out of Stock
When we fill your orders, unshipped items will be qualified as follows:
1. Unshipped items having a combined value of $20.00 or more will be back ordered. This does not apply if you request "Ship and Cancel" at the time you place your order, or if your account is coded "No Back Orders".

Look at the product listings section on your packing slip. Note the sixth column from the left labeled 'Symbol'. This column lists codes telling the status of each line. BO means the unshipped quantity has been BACK ORDERED. For other codes, refer to the key box at the right hand side of the form.

2. Unshipped items having a combined value of less than $20.00 will be cancelled and not back ordered. This does not apply if you request "Ship and Back Order" at the time you place your order. If the symbol column reads CA, this stands for CANCELLED. For other codes, refer to the key box at the right hand side of the form.

3. If we have most, but not all, of the quantity you ordered we may "Ship and CC". If the symbol column reads CC, this stands for CONSIDERED COMPLETE, and the balance will not be back ordered. If you still need the unshipped quantity, you will have to reorder it.

Advising Shipping Dates
If you have placed an order and would like to know the shipping date, contact CRL Customer Service. Be sure to have your account number and other information (outlined above) ready.

Cancelling Orders
If you would like to cancel your order, contact CRL Customer Service. Please have ready the information outlined above, as it will be required to process your request.

Verifying Shortages
Report shortages by telephone or e-mail within one business day of receipt. Older claims may not be allowed. Every shipment contains a packing list; care should be taken to ensure that the list corresponds to the container contents. There are two types of shortages: (1) a carton shortage, and (2) a contents shortage. We will cover each one separately.

Carton Shortages
Freight: Material is shipped F.O.B. our warehouse unless otherwise stated. Goods in transit are property of consignee (customer). Responsibility for shortages falls on customer. Check freight bill for carton count to insure all packages are delivered. If the shipment comes up short, have the delivering driver note the number of shorted cartons on the freight bill and sign it. Immediately contact the carrier advising them of the shortage. Carriers require 5 to 10 days to determine if missing cartons are elsewhere in their system before allowing a claim. Usually they will find the carton and deliver it within a few days. If this does not happen, and you wish to reorder the missing merchandise, contact CRL Customer Service. However, you will be responsible for freight charges on the reorder or return of material if both orders arrive.

UPS Regular and Air Service: Many orders shipped from our warehouse via UPS consist of more than one carton. The number of cartons and their weight is listed in the lower right-hand corner of your packing slip. A packing slip envelope is attached to one of the cartons. When a shipment arrives, check the number of cartons shipped by looking at the packing slip. If you do not get a packing slip and feel you are short cartons, contact CRL Customer Service; they will check the original sales order and advise you of the number of cartons shipped. Before you ask to have missing cartons traced, we want you to understand the following: Many times UPS gets the shipments mixed up in one of their Hub Centers and they will deliver the missing carton the next day. If you cannot wait for the merchandise, please reorder. You will be responsible for any freight charges on the reorder or return of material if both orders arrive. If your short cartons never show up, ask CRL Customer Services to file a claim for you. Parcel Post: Shipments made by the U.S. Postal System require a lot of paperwork, and they do not accept a tracer for 30 days. If you have a shortage, please contact CRL Customer Service.

Content Shortages
Content shortages can happen in three ways: (1) the carton was opened and resealed, (2) the carton was damaged (see Damage Section), or (3) the contents were never put in the carton (contact CRL Customer Service). When you receive a shipment, you should immediately check all merchandise against your packing slip to be sure all material is received. This is very important, as some carriers will not accept a claim if it is not filed within 10 days of the receipt of the order. If a box breaks open, some carriers will just reseal it with a clear or amber cellophane tape, and will not make a notation that the carton has been opened. Please check the contents of a box with this type of apparent resealing immediately. If you do notice a shortage, be sure to save the shipping carton and all packing material and contents for the carrier's inspection, or your claim may be denied. On any shortage where the carton has been opened, contact the carrier and have them send out an inspector. Any claim should be reconciled with the carrier. If you run into any problems, please feel free to contact CRL Customer Service. Before claiming a shortage:

1. Check to be sure you have received all the cartons that were shipped (see lower right hand corner of packing slip ).
2. Check packing slip to be sure that the items you feel you are shorted were not back ordered or canceled.
3. Inspect all packing material for merchandise.
4. Make sure that no other personnel have removed a carton or contents before the merchandise was totally checked in.
5. Check the cartons thoroughly to see if they were resealed or damaged so you can determine who is responsible for the shortage -the carrier or the shipper.

Guaranteed No Fault Return Policy

We at CRL want to establish a fair and equitable policy for our customers and we have established the following guidelines for the return of regular catalogue merchandise.
No fault return policy. No handling charge for return of undamaged merchandise (stocking items only). Return shipping charges not allowed.

Special Order or Fabricated Merchandise
Special order or fabricated items are not returnable for credit. Orders for special order or fabricated merchandise can only be cancelled with approval of CRL and may incur a cancellation charge up to the full amount of the order for costs incurred.

Return Policy for Tools Return Policy for Glass