FAX Service

C.R. Laurence Company believes the advantages of high speed facsimile service ("fax" for short) make it the preferred business communication medium of the supply business.
Fax also saves you money in some not-so-obvious ways. How much does it cost you to recite your purchase orders over the phone to your suppliers? Even if the call is toll free, you're still paying personnel for time to make that call. Think how much you could save in labor costs if you could Fax your P.O.'s in as little as 30 seconds! Enough said.

CRL FastFAX Service
Another CRL Industry First
Do We Have Your Fax Number?
CRL FastFAX Service starts when we have your fax number (with area code). Please give us your fax number the next time you place an order or request a price quote. We'll add it to your account file so you can enjoy CRL FastFAX Service, including monthly promotions exclusively for Fax customers.

What FastFAX Service Is All About
In the early days of fax it took a lot of explaining to convince people of the value of fax telecommunications. But nothing's as compelling as an idea whose time has come, and now fax machines have become as necessary as regular telephones. Today, a lot of people ask themselves, "What did we ever do without fax?" C.R. Laurence is proud to have introduced toll free fax service to our industry years ago. Today, CRL raises fax communication to the next dimension: CRL FastFAX Service. CRL has always been at the leading edge of telecommunications technologies. We introduced the industry's first toll free telephones. A decade later, we introduced the first toll free fax lines. We were first to offer you price lists on computer diskette, and we're the first to bring you a World Wide Web homepage and E-Mail address for all CRL staff. We live in a technological era, an information age where the quicker you have required information, the quicker you can respond to change. The better your data, the better you can run your business. In the past, customers used to tell us the worst part of CRL service was not knowing. Did I order it from CRL? Did you ship it? Was there a back-order? When will you ship it? What will my total be? That's all in the past now, with CRL FastFAX Service. If CRL has your fax number in our computer, you will have immediate notification upon shipping!

What Does CRL FastFAX Mean to You?
We fax details of your order as we ship it. We've upgraded our computer system, adding even more powerful features. Today, if CRL has your current fax number, we'll fax you complete details of every order the moment we ship it!

With CRL's unique FastFAX Service you'll learn: 24 Hour Access to the Information You Need to Do a Better Job
You can now get CRL product information instantly through your fax machine 24 hours a day. How? With CRL's Fax-On-Demand Service. This technological breakthrough allows you to choose from a menu of documents such as sale flyers and more. Once you've made your selection these documents are transmitted directly to your fax machine by CRL's Fax-On-Demand Computer. To use CRL's Fax-On-Demand, from the United States, dial (800) 390-1311 and follow the simple recorded instructions. If you are calling from outside the United States, dial (323) 588-1281 and ask for extension 5249.

MSDS and Spec Data Sheets are available on line, no longer on Fax-on-Demand
MSDS and Spec Data sheeets for our products are available on line by clicking on the CRL Total Search link located on the top of every page, then by clicking on Product Document Search. They are also available by going to the products page that you want the document on, then by clicking on the appropriate link located on the top of the page.