Ordering Information

Customer Information Needed When Placing An Order
We have listed below the information needed to place an order for the two types of accounts.

1. Established Accounts
We try to make it as easy as possible for you to place your order. Whenever you place an order, we need the following: 2. New Accounts
If you are placing your first order with CRL, we will need to know the following so we can correctly set up your account. Minimum Order Charge
CRL is a wholesale supplier and we have established a program whereby our customers can order any quantity of material they need. Orders over $25.00 will have no handling charges. Any order valued at less than $25.00 will include a minimum order service charge.

Product Information Needed
When placing an order for products listed in the CRL catalog, it is very important that you use the complete catalog numbers, both letters and numbers. Since every product shown has a specific catalog number, that is the best way to insure you receive the products you want. The preferred method for specifying individual products when ordering is: Other Information Needed
When placing your order, please be sure to tell us of any special requirements you may have for your order in regards to: We invite you to expect higher quality service from CRL. We believe that your high expectations and our desire to meet them make us both more successful.

1. Express Ordering Customer Service Order Desk.
When you call our Toll Free phone number, ask for Customer Service Order Desk. Our friendly capable catalog experts provide instant answers for most service and order requests. Be prepared with your phone number or CRL account number. Our Customer Service staff will take it from there, courteously guiding you through the fastest, easiest ordering service in the country. When you know what you want, CRL Customer Service is almost as fast as using our toll free fax line, but nothing beats the speed of ordering through the web site.

2. Technical Sales Specialists.
Our most experienced and knowledgeable people staff our Technical Sales lines. When you have questions about product selection or compatibility, installation, trouble-shooting, sealant testing, and similar consultant needs, ask the CRL operator for Technical Sales. There is no charge for this special service. Whatever your question, count on appropriate, accurate answers.

3. Express Ordering By Toll Free Facsimile Service.
Fax your order to us by using our toll free fax lines from anywhere in the United States and Canada. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, just dial (800) 262-3299.

For Australia customers, fax your order to us by using our toll free fax lines from anywhere in Australia. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, just dial 1800-813-013.

4. Express Ordering Using Our Web Site.
You are using the most detailed, complete web site in the industry where you can place an order in a matter of seconds. Once you are a registered account of CRL, you can create your own User Name and Password which is required one time. Do this by clicking on Log In, then on Register, then follow the directions. After logging in you can check on pricing, check stock, place and order, and much more in a matter of clicks. Need help while on line? Someone is always available during regular business hours, and will promptly and courteously reply to your questions, not like most web sites!