Product Information

New Products
C.R. Laurence Company is always looking for new ideas and products to be used in our ongoing catalog program. We developed this catalog with the assistance of customers and suppliers who sent us information on products that relate to the industries we serve. If you have information on a product you would like inserted in our catalog, or you would like to discuss any new ideas or products, call toll free and ask for our Product Manager at Extension 5440, or E-Mail the CRL Product Manager. C.R. Laurence Company's success has come from the confidence that our customers and suppliers have with us in developing new products and distributing them to the glass and industrial trades throughout the world.

Product Marketing
C.R. Laurence Company also has a Product Marketing Division, wherein we've sought out individuals to develop programs and products for specific industries, and provide expert advice in their fields. We welcome all your inquiries in these areas, as we feel with these types of ongoing programs we will be able to develop product lines that will benefit all our customers.

Product Substitution
C.R. Laurence Company reserves the right at any time to substitute products for the products shown in our catalogs. Because certain manufacturers go out of business or other products become unavailable, we reserve the right, when we can, to purchase more economical or higher quality products. Also, from time to time, we have service problems with certain suppliers; when this happens, we reserve the right to be able to find products that we can substitute to service the requirements of our customers.

Product Training Information
CRL has an ongoing program to develop training materials customers can use in their own business. The key feature of CRL Training Services are sales and installation pamphlets and videos on a broad range of products such as sunroof or slider installation, basic selling and customer courtesy techniques, and sealants. Contact CRL Customer Relations at Extension 5110 for details. In addition we have a library of technical information on most of our products, including MSDS and specification data sheets. Contact CRL Customer Service for the sheets you require.

Product Research Service
We sell many items that have not been published in our catalogs. This includes replacement parts for machinery and specialty hardware, tools or supplies. If your firm has trouble finding such items, please contact CRL Customer Service with details and specifications. We appreciate your inquiries.

Advertising with Ad Mats and Posters
In an effort to help our customers promote the products shown in our catalogs, C.R. Laurence Company has Ad Mats and Posters available which you can use in your local advertising. If you see any product that interests you, please contact us to see if we have an Ad Mat or Poster available for that specific product. It is impossible for us to have one for every product shown, but we do have a library of advertising mats available free of charge. Posters are available as both stock, as well as, we can make custom ones. All Posters are available for a minimum charge. Please contact CRL Customer Service for more information.

Non-Stock Merchandise Policy
CRL offers our customers over 50,000 different products. We also offer our customers the option of purchasing non-stock merchandise from us. Non-stock merchandise is described generally as products manufactured by our suppliers, but not carried in CRL's Catalogs. This also may include replacement or accessory parts for tools and machinery not normally cataloged by CRL. All special orders for non-stock merchandise will be subject to a service charge, and may not be cancelled or returned for credit. A written purchase order and/or payment in advanced for non-stock merchandise may be requested at our discretion.